​Some musicians are made....and some are born. Paul John Tautkus picked up a guitar at the tender age of 10, and by age 14 was plying his trade in front of audiences throughout Southern New England. If you happen to walk into an establishment featuring live music and hear the guitarist before you see him, you might expect to find a seasoned musician, 40-plus years of age. In PJ's case, you couldn't be more wrong.

That first guitar came as a birthday gift during a time of rehabilitation from a motorcross accident. Throughout the next four years, and with the support of his parents and brother, this very young man's devotion to the blues turned into the kind of beautiful thing that some twice his age might envy: a focus of purpose, a committment to live the life, and walk the walk, of a professional musician. His discipline to the craft came at the exclusion of most things adolescent. Starting with participation in open mic jam sesions, a paradigm and defining moment came about after fellow musicians emphasized to him how good he was. His schedule evolved to playing professionally on his own, 3 to 4 nights a week - another defining moment. He branched out to drums, keyboards, and bass, holding his own at each while never losing sight of his first love: lead guitar.

And now, with one year of Boston's prestigious Berklee School of Music under his belt, 2+ years in Nashville as a guitarist for hire for various local groups and solo artists and now residing in Austin, TX; he has nothing but good things ahead of him.

His influences are both classic: Trower, Guy, Winter, Clapton, Vaughan, Gallagher, Hendrix - and contemporary: Bonamasa, Kings of Leon, Eddie Vedder. But make no mistake: At age 23, well into the tenth year of his life as a musician, Paul John Tautkus is looking to forge a new sound, for a new era, in a new way - one that is uniquely - and soulfully - his very own.



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